• Addu High School, formaly known as Islamiyya School is one of the leading school in the Maldives. The school has more than a decade of excellence  in providing education. 

      The inaguration of AHS, on 28th January 1988, with the aim of providing studentts qualified enough to enter universities abroad, had a modest start with only a handful of students and few teachers. However, the great cause for which it was establish took the school through massive improvement in her infrastrcuture, and in the quality of education provided. Currently there are over 400 students, 47 teaching staff, 23 non-teaching staff and 10 senior management members who work hard to maintain the high standards set by the exceptional students who are now in responsible positions, shaping the future of the country. 

      Although Addu High School, under the name of Islamiyya School, started off as a pre-school to secondary level institute, the school has now been targeted solely for catering advance level students and BTEC level 3 courses. AHS was the first school in Maldives to start the BTEC level 3 courses with the help of Ministry of education.